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Pac Rim 2014 coming May 7-9, 2014
Be there or be square

The ASSE Hawaii Chapter voted on bylaw changes at our March meeting
 Our bylaw committee provided an update on the changes and
brought it to the members for a vote and passed. They were previously approved
by the chapter Executive Committee and have subsequently been ratified
by our Regional Vice President (3-31-14) in accordance with our bylaws
The newly adopted bylaws may be viewed here > here <

ASSE Hawaii Chapter officer nominations and elections are in process for fiscal
year 2014/2015. On Feb. 6th, a call for nominations went out, a second call went
out on Feb. 27th, official nominations are now closed (3-3-14) and a slate of
was published 60 day prior to our May meeting - in accordance with
our bylaws. The meeting will take place on May 7th at 4:45 PM at the Hawaii
Convention Center. This meeting will take place after the first day of the
PacRim conference which will include a "presidents reception"
who will be speaking at the conference.
Pupu's will be served and a "no host" bar will be available.

OSHA proposes new rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses

ANSI offers free 'read-only' access to standards referenced in federal regs

Press Conference Sept. 13, 2013 - Governor's Office
Concurrent Jurisdiction - One Year Anniversary

Daily Safety Inspections now required on all jobsites in Hawaii
details on page 5 in the link above - for - §12-110-3 Safety inspections
> More information here <

Update - new National Emphasis Program for occupational exposure to isocyanates > Link

OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert on 1-bromopropane,
urge efforts to safeguard workers from exposure to this toxic chemical >
Are you thinking about or preparing for I2P2
Link < to OSHA update     Link < to a telling article (why you should prepare)

Lots of free safety videos available on the OSH website > Link

OSHA Hawaii - One Day Workshop
If you attended the conference you may download the papers for the sessions here
Session Presentation Materials - Available for Download
Have a question? Ask ASSE (which will go to Society) Want a local answer, ask the webmaster

The ASSE Hawaii Chapter was founded in June of 1951 and has grown into a group of 220 safety professionals and safety practitioners who reside in Hawaii, and are dedicated to making Hawaii a safer place to work, live and play. Last year was our 60th anniversary.

Our incoming and standing officers for the
2013 / 2014 year are:

President: Bill Troegner, CSP
President Elect: Jim Newberry, CHST
Secretary: Nathan Lutz, CHST, STS
Treasurer : Tracy Lawson,
Delegate: Joaquin Diaz, CSP
Past President: Craig Shoji, CHST, ASP
 ------others serving important appointed roles------
Member at Large / Membership Liaison: Mary Sullivan, CSP
Newsletter Editor: Steve Kalani 
Government Affairs: Brian Poltis, CSP
Student Section Liaison: Rayce Inamine: 
IT Manager / Webmaster
: Jim Newberry

Officers for the 2012 / 2013 year were:
President: Craig Shoji, CHST, ASP
President Elect: Howard Hendricks, CSP
Secretary: Mark Behrens, CSP
Treasurer : Janel Honda
Member-At-Large: Joaquin Diaz, CSP>
Delegate (2 positions): Joanna Clark, CHST & Mary Silva, CSP
Past President: Neil Yamamoto, CSP, CPCU
------others who served important appointed roles------
Membership Chair:  Mary Sullivan 
Newsletter Editor:  Les Onaka 
Government Affairs: Barbara Goto, CSP
Student Section Liaisons:   Todd Weller 
Student Section webpage http://assehawaii.org/student
Webmaster - Jim Newberry


ASSE has recently finished its 100th year serving its members. We are a global member-driven association providing representation, promotion and support for those engaged in the profession and/or the practice of safety, health and environment in their efforts to protect people, property and the environment.

ASSE - About us  The occupational safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professional 'devotes most or all of their work time to the application of scientific principles and methods for the control and modification of the workplace and other environments to achieve optimum protection of people, property and the environment.... click here to read more

Relevant Training Material from our profession

ASSE Structure starts from the:

Society - an international organization 

        to Region 1  

                to our Hawaii Chapter

                     ~ and includes two sections, our Guam Section and our Student Section at the OESM program at HCC ~

     ASSE National Strategic Plan, Vision, Mission, Values & Goals
Founded in 1911, ASSE is the oldest and largest professional safety organization. Its more than 30,000 members manage, supervise and consult on safety, health, and environmental issues in industry, insurance, government and education. ASSE is guided by a 16-member Board of Directors, which consists of 8 regional vice presidents; three council vice presidents; Society president, president-elect, senior vice president, vice president of finance and executive director. ASSE has 15 practice specialties, 4 special interest groups, 150 chapters, 56 sections and 64 student sections.  Kathy Seabrook, CSP, is the President of the ASSE Societal organization.

Main ASSE website

There are four branches of governance to the society and regional members are assigned to each of the four branches to improve communications within the society.  The four branches are as follows: 
COPS    – Council on Practices and Standards
COMRA – Council on Member and Regional Affairs
COPA   – Council on Public Affairs
COPD   – Council on Professional Development 
ASSE Councils and Committee webpage - who is involved in what at ASSE
2013 Restructure - ASSE embarks on a new governance model


            Regional Operating Committee - 1 (ROC - 1) is one of  8 regions in the country. 
             From Alaska to Hawaii, Our Chapter belongs to ROC - 1. 
             Our R.V.P. (Regional Vice President, Erike Young, CSP, ARM ) is on the National Board of Directors.
             Hawaii is one of 20 chapters in the ROC - 1. The ROC - 1 spans from the Arctic to the Tropics
             Howard Hendricks is our representative on the ROC - 1
             Want to learn more about the organization of our ROC - 1   > click here <


                        ASSE HAWAII CHAPTER
                        PO BOX 1354
                        HONOLULU, HAWAII 96807-1354

                        President -
Bill Troegner, CSP
                        Phone: 808-391-3980
                        Email: wtroegner@gmail.com  

                                    Stuff & Things

 Hawaii Smoke-Free Law FAQ

The Cross Walk Law

Are you watching the weather  <<  NOAA > NWS > WFO Honolulu

CoPS Learn about Practice Specialties at ASSE

Infectious Disease and Bio-Terrorism Information & Preparedness


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Working in partnership with industry and government for a safer tomorrow!


Learn, Know and Understand About Hawaiian Heritage
After all, we live here and are dedicated to:
1) the preservation of life; 2) improving the quality of life and;
3) have a deep respect for the ina as the early Hawaiian's did.
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