ASSE Hawaii - Student Section

The Hawaii Student Section Officers for 2012 - 2013 are:


President: Rayce Inamine -
Vice President: Tim Wilcox
Treasurer: Lydia D'Addario
Secretary: Steve Kalani


Bylaws for the Hawaii Student Section are posted > here <
& minutes from the (12-17-11) general membership meeting are posted > here <
& minutes from the (03-23-13) general membership meeting are posted > here <

The student Section's Facebook page is located at: 
Please visit our FB page and "Like" us to receive the latest news from the section and network with other section members.

Congratulations to the new officers! 

BIG mahalos to the previous officers:
Past - President: Thomas Van der Hout
Past - Vice President: Austen Cook
Past Secretary: Laury Cary

and Mahalo to Marie, Rommel, and Robin who worked hard to start the Section and to keep it going despite their busy schedule 

--------- Student Contribution ---------
I am a safety student at HCC - I believe that when it comes to protecting self, family, friends, and workers there are but TWO key elements to consider....
- FIRST - Identify and eliminate hazardous conditions - Broken or use of wrong tools - Faulty equipment - Hazardous environments
- SECOND - Observe and correct at risk behavior - Failure to adhere to safety policies - Choosing to use unsafe alternatives - Becoming comfortable with work practices WALK THE TALK
- We all have exhibited one of these traits at least every day...Do you drive the speed limit?
- Do you talk on the cell phone when driving?
- Do you stand on a chair to reach objects on shelves at home?
- Do you wear hearing protection when working with power tools at home?
- Just because something has not happened does not mean we are working safely, just lucky....