HIOSH Advisory Committee

As stated on the OSHA Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health web page (third paragraph down)...

Hawaii has an advisory committee comprised of both public and private sector employers and union representatives who advise the program on all areas of the program -- standards, enforcement issues, strategic plans, training, outreach. The Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health (HIOSH) Advisory Committee has two public sector employers representing the State and one county government, and includes a public sector union representative. Public sector representatives often offer insight into the unique problems of compliance for county governments with limited resources.

Mission statement of the HIOSH Advisory Committee, adopted 10-19-04 along with committee operating  guidelines. 

The mission of the HIOSH Advisory Committee (hereto in referred to as the Committee) is to promote safe workplaces in Hawaii by providing advice and guidance to the Division.  The Committee is a group of devoted professionals and stakeholders committed to injury and illness prevention, as well as the promotion, education, and the resolution of occupational safety and health issues in Hawaii.  The Committee provides the community aspect of governance of the safety & health of workers’ in Hawaii.  To this end, the committee brings the perspective of employers, unions, professional safety & health association members, and trade organization members together to deliberate, resolve issues, provide direction for and guidance to the Division to ensure that HIOSH’s outreach and enforcement efforts are fair and effective.

HIOSH ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Mission, Function & Objectives



Subcommittee Guidelines have been developed to support meaningful subcommittee work and appendix (1) was developed to support the meeting management process

HIOSH Advisory Committee Minutes